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Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali is one of veterinary services with full facilities in Bali. Strategic place is our benefit because we are closed with the high way (Tol bali Mandara). So its easy for us to reach Denpasar Central city of Bali. We Have Branches as satellite vet service in PECATU and Denpasar in Sesetan area, padang sambian area and Teuku Umar barat Area.

Always give you the way” is our motto because we realized our patient is pet or companion animal, they live with love of their owner and we believe has many way to help them become healthy.

Always try to become better, standarised , educated and trusted” is our Vision. Of course to make that happen we always update our knowledge, upgrade our diagnostic tools such as Radiography, Ultrasound, Blood Test, Blood Chemistry, PCR (DNA Test) Machine, which is we are the only one vet service who use modern machine to diagnose a disease in Bali specially in tick blood borne disease.
Another Benefit is Our Building. We Build up our Vet hospital from empty land. We designed our building as pet hospital for tropical area.

Our Commitment is “YOUR PET IS OUR PRIORITY ” We think, say and act for your pet and we always want to become voice of your Companion.

For Emergency Vet Service : 0811 399 3630
K-Vet Bali, Always give you the way

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