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Kedonganan Veterinary

Our Service

Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali provides a comprehensive range of veterinary diagnostics and treatment services. Using the latest techniques & technology, our experienced medical and surgery team pride ourselves on providing your pets with the best care.

Sterilisation (de-sexing)

Provide sterilization procedure with under general anesthesia and proper analgesia

Vaccination and Deworming

Prevent with vaccination and give a discipline for deworming will make your pet healthy


International microchip standart for your pet as identity and also its related with our membership program

Emergency Vet Service and Care

We Realize that your can become a sick anytime and need emergency vet care

Radiography and Ultrasonography

Has acquired a manual x-ray with 100ma and also with automatic film processing

Hematology and Blood Chemistry Test

We realized that psychical examination will not enough to make a diagnostic, than in house laboratory support is necessary

Our Doctors

Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali provide many tools and facilities to help us to do proper care and diagnostic for your Pet.

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