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Dr. Pristy was born and raised in Bali, while she is a woman with half of Javanese and half of east Indonesian blood. She spent her first year after graduation, to work in Yudistira Swarga Foundation as a Practice Veterinarian and also as a volunteer.

She is lovely, has a good communication, humor and has a very loud laugh. She has a good concern to stray dog and cat. She took and caring 4 dogs and 2 cats from the street with each different horrible history. Besides her work as a vet, she joined the members of the young people choir in the Church, yaps she love to sing and offcourse shopping.

3 years as a vet practice, she met a lot of case of skin problem in dog, this situation leading her to be Dermatologist later.

She has special interest too in nutrition ant veterinary dentistry.

In 2014, she attended a course of Abdominal Ultrasonography at Udayana University. In 2015, she went to Veterinary Dentistry course and workshop in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

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